Promoting health and well-being through the integration of mind, brain, body and behavior.

Our work at the IBHCRP is focused on developing brain health interventions that bridge the mind and body. We aim to break down the silos that exist between disciplines and translate evidence-based concepts into simple toolkits that individuals can use to navigate medical or general life challenges.
— Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD


The IBHCRP is committed to research and clinical work to aid in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention to optimize brain health. It is designed to help individuals conceptualize any mental health or coping challenge as they would changes in blood pressure or blood sugar. Just like physical health, mental state alterations are biologically driven and are influenced by factors such as lifestyle behaviors, stress, trauma, and relationships.

In the IBHCRP model, brain health is not separate from or any less important than physical health.

The Integrated Brain Health Clinical and Research Program (IBHCRP) at Mass General conducts clinical research consistent with our mission of optimizing health and well-being through brain health. Our research is funded by federal and foundation grants and through the generosity of donors who wish to advance brain health science and clinical care. If you wish to support our work, you can donate online.

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